Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Why have your wedding filmed professionaly?

In this day and age it’s easy to film moments in time on a smart phone. Capturing vows or that first kiss. But smart phones have their limitations of course. How much footage can you really film on an iPad even?

My clients often tell me of friends of theirs who have had a free or cheap film produced and are dissatisfied with the outcome. They don’t want a roughly shot wedding. They want a well composed accurate yet emotionally moving record of their day. Well filmed and edited footage engages memories. Brings back to life loved ones on screen. Shows children enjoying that fairytale day they’ve longed to be a part of.

Impartial professionals will cover both sides of the wedding families where as guests will tend to only film people they know.

Professionals will be shooting with modern cameras that are versatile and have a range of different settings or looks built into the camera.

And don't forget sound. Great sound is so important to certain parts of a wedding video. Built in shot gun directional condenser microphones won't be found on any smartphone or even DSLR cameras. Radio microphones can either be clipped to a groom or strategically placed in a room to pick up audio are imperative to gathering vows or speeches.

Also modern cameras have a thing called audio limiters built in which stop very loud audio from distorting and ruining a recording. This is extremely important for filming say a first dance or live band.

So why have a professional person film and edit your wedding?...I think it's obvious. If you want the best recording and be able to rely on someone producing a quality video for you go with a professional. Don't risk having any regrets - it's your wedding day after all.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Wedding Filming Editing for Jennie & Christopher

Shot at West Mill in Derby on 17th December. Lovely Christmas themed wedding day. The footage looks great!

Filming projects kicking off the new year

Shooting today for Plum Ideas. Easy brief - shoot a 1970's Open University style video. I feel some after effects filters coming on!

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